Ab Carver Pro Review


Scale of 1-5 5 being best

My rank for this product would be 4.5 out of 5.


Price range for this product is $31-$59.

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What makes the Ab Carver Pro so different from all other ab wheels is that it has an engine inside of it. Yes, I said it, “An engine inside of it.” It is called the Kinetic Engine. It is a carbon steel spring that is located inside the Ab Carver cavity. The whole purpose of this Kinetic engine is that it provides resistance as you roll out, and it will assist you when you roll back. This is how it makes it easier for you. This Kinetic engine serves that purpose. This is what makes it so unique, and this is where it stands above all other ab wheels.





Another important specification that this ab wheel has is that it has an ultra-wide wheel. This is a very valuable specification. By having an ultra-wide wheel, this will provide you with maximum stability when going left, right, or up the middle on your workouts. By having more stability, this will allow you to put more emphasis on the muscles being worked and it will also affect surrounding muscles also.




Another important feature that this ab wheel provides is that it has handles that are ergonomically made to help activate arm and shoulder muscles. I use an Ab Carver Pro also. I certainly agree about the handles. You will feel some stimulation in your arms and shoulders. They are very comfortable for your hands. Your hands will not ache with pain or get sore after using an Ab Carver Pro. The handles provide great comfort for your hands. This in turn lets you focus more on the exercise rather than worrying about your hands cramping up. That has been my experience before I discovered the Ab Carver Pro!



When you purchase an Ab Carver Pro, you just do not receive the ab wheel itself. You also receive knee-pads also. These are a high-density foam that provides great comfort. Let me also tell you that these knee-pads do not wear out. They are very durable and long-lasting. I have had my Ab Carver Pro and knee-pads for a very long time. My knee-pads are good as new! It is a very good accessory that accommodates the Ab Carver Pro.



Lastly, you are not left in the dark, when it comes to the types of workouts or exercises you can do on the Ab Carver Pro, When purchasing the Ab Carver Pro, you will get the knee-pads, the wheel AND a downloadable digital workout. This digital workout will provide with the right exercises to getting them shredded abs. It also provides workout plans from beginner to advanced. All you need to do is just follow the workouts and exercises and be consistent. The fat will melt off them abs of yours.


OVERALL BENEFITS– “Make your life easier!”


The Ab Carver Pro is by far the most advanced ab wheel of its kind. There may be some ab wheels that can match up to it, but when getting results is involved, the Ab Carver Pro has them beat hands down.


The Ab Carver Pro has the ability to quickly strengthen and sculpt your core. At the same time it can strengthen and shape your arms and shoulders. This is all done by putting less stress on your body and joints, this is all due to the amazing design of the Ab Carver Pro.





The design of the Ab Carver Pro makes it easier and more comfortable for you to build muscle, and feel good while doing it. By having less stress during the workout, your abs, arms, and shoulders are getting worked in a healthy way. There is no unbearable pain, like with other ab wheels and ab machines. Once again making it easier for you.




When used consistently and correctly. The Ab Carver Pro is the quickest, most effective, and most efficient way to build your abs. Forget about everything else, this piece of equipment will get the job done for you. As compared to other ab equipment and machines, using the Ab Carver Pro is more effective than any other method.




This ab wheel is small, but it has endless benefits. First off, anyone can use it. It is built so that it can provide you with a safe workout, making it very easy to use. Oh yeah!! It also makes your life easier!


So if you are not a big fan of sit-ups or crunches, the Ab Carver Pro is your answer. This ab wheel will provide great value to not just your abs, but your upper body as well.


Now lets move on to the positive and negatives of the Ab Carver Pro. Although there are not to many negatives, that I see with the Ab Caarver Pro. It is a great piece of equipment. That is designed really well.



The one big positive of the Ab Carver Pro is the Kinetic engine. This sets it apart from all other ab wheels. It provides assistance and resistance for you. When going forward you feel the resistance and going back you feel the assistance. This makes the exercise easier for you and gives you the resistance when you need it, to work the muscle. It is a great idea to add this type of mechanism.


Another big positive for the Ab Carver Pro is its ultra-wide wheel. Some may say that it makes it to bulky and hard to move. It is the opposite, the ultra-wide wheel provides you with more stability and balance. By having that at your advantage you can put more focus on the muscles being worked. In return getting faster results.


Another big plus is its ergonomic handles. These are designed so well, that at least through my experience, your hands do not cramp up or no pain is experienced. They are big enough to give you a good solid grip. As with other handles on other ab wheels, the handles are skinny and flimsy. They put pressure on certain areas on your hand, causing pain and cramps. You do not experience that with the Ab carver Pro.


Finally, what every one wants to know, is the PRICE!! The price is very reasonable for the Ab Carver Pro. You get a lot when you purchase the Ab Carver Pro. When compared to value and benefits. The price is definitely worth it. This piece of equipment will last you a very long time. So in time you will get your moneys worth along with great results.





Through my experience with the Ab Carver Pro, I haven’t really experienced any negatives. Through my research I came upon some negatives. Even though there are very few, lets dive right into these negatives.


The big negatives that I came upon was that the Ab Carver Pro is big and bulky. Yes, its a little bigger than other ab wheels. The whole idea to design it with a bigger and wider wheel, is to provide more stability and balance. By having the Kinetic engine inside the cavity of the wheel, you will receive assistance when coming back. On the flip side of that you want the resistance when going forward, this works the muscle. The size of the wheel is outstanding. You are not moving all over the place when performing the exercise. You are stable and balanced and putting more emphasis on the muscle being worked.


Through others eyes, it may be big and bulky, but it has its advantages for being designed that way. Give it a try!!


Like I said before, not to many negatives out there for the Ab Carver Pro.


One final negative that I found through my research is that some found that there is not much difference from the Ab Carver Pro and a standard ab wheel. There is one big difference and that is the Kinetic engine. This puts it above all the other ab wheels. This makes it easier for everyone to use. You have more balance with this wheel and a more comfortable grip. Those alone are the major differences and sets it apart from your standard ab wheel. I will get into more on this in the next section.


Why the Ab Carver Pro is BETTER than your average ab wheel


In this section, I will compare the different aspects of the Ab Carver Pro to your standard ab wheel. I will combine all the benefits and specifications of the Ab carver Pro and explain why this ab wheel is BETTER than your standard ab wheel. Some information may be repeated, but it is used in comparison to set it apart from your standard ab wheel. The Ab Carver Pro is a one of a kind ab wheel. There is no other, that is better than this one!




All in all, the Ab Carver Pro and your standard ab wheel will both strengthen your core. Which is very important to people who are looking to improve their abs.


The Ab Carver definitely lives up to its name. This advanced ab wheel is by far the most effective ab machine that will get you the results you are searching for.


The design of this product is outstanding! The wheel alone is the right width to provide you with the best balance then other ab wheels. A wider base allows you to have stability throughout the exercise. As compared to your standard ab wheel, the wheels are skinny. Making you move all over the place and having no focus on the muscle being worked.




The interior of the Ab Carver is what makes it so unique and different from all other ab wheels. Like I talked about before inside the ab wheel is the Kinetic engine. This is the advantage that the Ab Carver Pro has over other ab wheels. The resistance and assistance that it provides leads to a decrease in injury or strain of a muscle. You will not find that in your standard ab wheel. That is why the Ab Carver Pro is BETTER than your average ab wheel!




As with any other ab wheel, the Ab Carver is very compact. It will not take up much space in your home. You can take it anywhere and get a quick workout in. It is small for its size, but can provide big results.


The Ab Carver Pro is also very ergonomic. Like I stated before the ergonomics comes with the handles. The handles on the Ab Carver follow the curvature of your hands. This gives you great comfort when handling the handles of the Ab Carver. Compared to ab wheels with straight handles and wrapped with soft foam that wears out. The curve of the Ab Carvers handles will help relieve stress on your body and joints. The design of the handles makes it easier and more comfortable for you to build muscle and feel good while doing it. Once again this makes the Ab Carver Pro better than your average ab wheel.






As you can see the Ab Carver Pro is the winner!! There are not to many ab wheels that can compete against the Ab Carver Pro. The Ab Carver definitely has the advantage. It is a unique ab wheel, guaranteed to get you results and make you feel good while doing it.






Using the Ab Carver Pro is a great experience! I have been using one for a very long time now. My abs are definitely stronger along with my arms and shoulders. It has been a great investment for me. I’m wreaking the benefits! I will never stop using it. It is a great exercise tool and is very valuable to your abs. You can’t go wrong with this ab wheel. Hats off to the design team for the Ab Carver Pro! You couldn’t have done a better job. It is a very durable design that can take a lot of wear and tear. The materials that were used are top of the line. This wheel has so many benefits. You just can’t compare it to other ab wheels. It is one of a kind. I suggest you purchase this ab wheel. There is nothing better.


The Ab carver Pro is built solid and designed very well. The Kinetic engine inside the wheel puts it far from other ab wheels. Using other ab wheels is useless, you are just working with weak plastic, foam and metal and poor design. Go the Ab Carver Pro way. You will get results in a safe and fast manner. You will feel good while doing it and also being safe at the same time. The Ab carver Pro is a far better choice if your are looking to define your abs. Make the purchase and get great abs. You will not regret it. Just use it on a regular basis, follow the workouts on the downloadable digital workout. You will be surprised on the results that you can get by using the Ab Carver Pro!! Give it a try!!