Abs? Who wants them? Ab Equipment that Works!!



How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!! I also hope that everyone is sticking to their New Years resolutions. Remember, it is all about commitment and dedication, and sticking to your routine, and cutting out the bad habits. One more last thing, NO EXCUSES!!

Now that I have your attention. Let’s now focus on our body. To all you workout junkies out there, and to the newbies, and to other interested readers. I have something of great interest to talk about in this post. This is a big thing for men and women. Who are interested in looking good and feeling good. For people who are not into fitness, this may be of great interest to you as well. Let’s get into it!!

So now days, especially in the fitness industry. You see many athletes, fitness competitors, and bodybuilders, with this ripped physique. They look fit and trim and in shape. They have the arms, shoulders, back, legs, and the washboard abs. They look good and have put in the work to get that type of physique. So what I’m trying to get to is, what muscle group do you think these elite athletes have put the most work into? Any guesses? I will give you my answer. My answer would be their abs! It’s an important muscle group. Most of all it definitely complements the rest of their physique.


In this article I’m going to give it my best effort to give you the best insight on the best ab equipment that works. So if you are looking to get them chiseled abs or looking to firm up your belly or to strengthen your core. This post will be of great interest to you.




Now there is numerous ab machines and ab strengthening equipment out there. It grows more and more every year. You don’t know what to choose. It can really confuse you and really stumble your mind. It almost makes you want to give up and not try. You just have to know where to start and also keeping an eye on what to look for. This post will clear that up for you. I will give you the proper input on ab equipment that works. There will be no more guessing, stick with the ab equipment that I’m going to discuss. Make sure to incorporate this equipment into your workouts. Then you will be well on your way to getting those picture perfect abs. It’s just a matter of being consistent and getting after it.

Let’s move on. To discuss what abs are, and the anatomy of the abdominal muscles. Stick with me! The best is yet to come!

The Anatomy of Abdominal Muscles–Where? and What?

So let’s get started by saying that I’m not going to throw a lot of detail at you. I’ll keep it short and simple. Let’s get started.

What and Where are the abdominal muscles?

First, let’s start off by asking yourself something. When the thought of abs comes to mind, what muscle group comes to mind? Weird question. It may seem like a strange question, but in reality your abs are the muscle. So now we know that the abs, are a muscle. OK, we got that out of the way! LOL! Let’s get into what the abdominal muscles actually are.

Now let’s get into location. Your abdominal muscles are located between the ribs and the pelvis on the front of your body.

It’s just not one big muscle. Your abs are made up of 4 distinct muscle groups. Now I’m going to come at you with some big words. Try to stay with me! The 4 distinct muscle groups consist of the rectus abdominis, external obliques, internal obliques and transverse abdominis. The image below gives you a visual of where those 4 groups of muscles are located.

So, now you have an idea of where your abs are and what your abs are. Each of the 4 muscle groups has a different purpose, but all serve a very important role in supporting your body. It’s not a very good idea to just favor one muscle group, because they all work together. If, a group is lacking in strength. The other groups have to make up for it and can lead to injury. So try to train them all effectively. That’s why it is important to use ab equipment that works. Then rather wasting your time using a piece of equipment that is not going to effectively workout your ab muscles properly.

Let’s move on to get you familiar with the purpose and function of each of the muscle groups.

Rectus Abdominis

Let’s begin with the rectus abdominis. When you hear people talking about a “six-pack”, no, they are not talking about a six-pack of beer! In fitness terms, when someone is talking about a ‘six-pack’ this is the muscle they are talking about, the rectus abdominis.

This muscle group is located between the ribs and the pubic bone and in front of the pelvis. This muscle group is very important for maintaining good posture. This muscle group is the one that really sticks out depending on the amount of body fat you have on your body. When, worked properly this muscle group defines the definition of washboard abs.

The main purpose of this group of muscles is to maintain good posture. It also plays an important role in regulating your breathing. It also gives protection and support to your internal organs by creating intra-abdominal pressure. Which is, basically the pressure within the abdominal activity.

Although each muscle group has its own purpose. Let me remind you that all the muscle groups work together as one. It’s good to focus on all the muscle groups, to really take advantage of all the benefits that these muscles can provide.

Let’s move on!

External Obliques

The next set of muscles that are of great importance are the external obliques. These are the next set of muscles that many people focus on. What many people may not know is that there are two sets of obliques. The external obliques and the internal obliques.

This muscle group is located on both sides of the rectus abdominis. Another important fact about this muscle group, even one that I didn’t know. Is that this muscle is the largest of your abdominal muscles. Very interesting, I did not know that. OK, back to the external obliques. The external obliques cover the sides of the abdominal area, and is one of the outermost abdominal muscles. A large muscle which helps in many movements and functions of the body.

Obviously, the obliques are located on both sides of the rectus abdominis. The main function of this muscle is to help allow the trunk of your body to twist. So when you twist your body your obliques are helping you control that movement. So if you have weak obliques, you may increase your chance of injuring your back, or maybe a strain of a muscle. Another function of the obliques is that it helps pull the chest downward to help compress the other abdominal area. This is a fairly important muscle and should not be ignored. Major emphasis should be put on all four of the abdominal muscle groups. This will allow you to take advantage of the key benefits that your abdominals can provide. This will also lead to a stronger core and a stronger body.

I hope you are still with me? I hope I still have your attention? There is more great information coming up. The best is yet to come. Now Let’s move on to the internal obliques.

Internal Obliques

When you are thinking of the internal obliques, you may think of the external obliques. Thinking that they may work in the same way. They are somewhat similar, but different in certain ways.

Let’s get into where they are located. This muscle is located right below the rectus abdominis and sit just inside your hip bones. They sit underneath or below your external obliques. Some may think that the external and internal obliques may be the same muscle, but they are definitely to distinct muscle groups. They have similar functions, but support the body in their own way.

As with the external obliques, the internal obliques are responsible for the twisting and turning of the body. This may sound confusing but they have control of the other side of the movement. Let me explain. When you are twisting to the left, you are activating your left internal oblique and your right external oblique. Hopefully that makes sense. That is why they give the name “same side rotators” to the internal obliques. In comparison, the external and internal obliques work together, but in opposite ways. They both give support to each other when the body twists and turns.

I hope now you understand the difference between the external and internal obliques. They are important muscles. They play a major role in the support of your trunk and back along with the support of twisting and turning. These muscles should not be ignored. They should be an integral part of your ab routine.

Now Let’s move on to the last and final muscle group. That completes your abdominal muscles.

Transverse Abdominis

The final muscle group is called the transverse abdominis. Unless, you are really involved in muscle anatomy. Many people have never even heard of the transverse abdominis. It’s kind of an unknown muscle, but yet a very important muscle. Once again it should not be ignored. Its function is just as important as the other muscle groups. The stronger the muscle, the more support it will provide. Giving you a stronger core and a healthier body.

Now Let’s get to the location of this muscle. This muscle is located underneath your rectus abdominis and your obliques. It is the deepest of all your ab muscles. This muscle group is a group that you will never see visually, but its importance is of great value.

This muscle group is still very important. It helps to maintain a very strong core. It plays a big role in keeping your whole abdominal structure together. Lastly, this muscle group accounts for producing large amounts of internal abdominal pressure. Which keeps all of your organs in place and provides support.

Now that you are familiar with all the muscle groups that make up the abdominal structure. You also are aware of what roles each muscle group plays in the support of the body. These muscles are of great importance. They give a strong meaning to the word “support”. Since your abs are located in the middle of your body. They bring everything together and provide a stable structure. When you have that in mind and have a strong core. You are able to train the rest of your body more effectively. So your core deserves a lot of respect.

So now Let’s get into the benefits of having a strong core.

Benefits of Great ABS–Respect Your Core

By having a strong core, you are increasing the overall strength of your body. Let’s go this way, think of your abs as a link in a chain. Your abdominal muscles are the center link, and it connects to your upper and lower body. Almost every movement originates from your core. In comparison, if you have weak or inflexible ab muscles. It can definitely impair how well your upper and lower body function. When you keep that in mind, it makes you lack power in any move that you make. Let alone having weakness in balance and stability. All this can lead to injury. It can lead to falls, and injuries in sports or any activities that you may participate in. All in all, your core has a big say in almost everything you do.

The benefits of having a set of good powerful abs, can give you an injury free lifestyle. A good set of abs can also make you feel good about yourself and give you a sense of accomplishment. It can really boost your confidence and make you feel very proud of yourself and your appearance. Your abs help out a lot with your body. Now Let’s get into the most important benefits of having great abs!!


There are numerous benefits that come from great abs. A book can be written on just the benefits of abs, but I am going to narrow it down to the most important.

1. Good Posture: By not having a strong core, you are weakening your back, because a strong core supports your spine. If your abs lack strength your body will begin to slouch. You will have a drooping posture. Strong abs will solve this problem. So a strong core will give you good posture. By the way having good posture will project your confidence.



2. Prevent Lower Back Injury: Now days many people have back pain. The big reason for this is weak abdominal muscles and that extra fat hanging around your stomach. When you work your abs and get them stronger and lose that fat hanging around your stomach. By doing that you are taking the pressure off your back. You are eliminating that slouching posture. This will put your body in a naturally better position. This is one very positive benefit of having strong abs.




3. Endurance and Power: Another strong benefit of strong abs is more endurance and power. You can perform longer in everything, from daily activities to sports. Having a strong core can really benefit you compared to having a core that is weak. A stronger core can help push you through those daily activities. Also, giving you the endurance to finish the job. To put all this together, by having improved endurance and power, you are going to improve your performance. In any activity that you choose to do. All to the benefit of having strong abs.




4. Increased Balance and Stability: One true benefit that I believe in when you have a strong core is increased balance and stability. I truly believe in this. Having a strong core can truly provide balance and stability. Your body is stabilized by your core. This gives you the ability to move in any direction. No matter how bumpy the territory may be. By having this in mind you lessen your risk of falling. This benefit is of great importance to individuals who are older.



5. Less Joint Pain: This benefit goes along with balance and stability. Once again by having strong abs, you are improving the stabilization of your body. In conjunction with strong abs and stabilization of your body, you are putting less pressure on your joints. Mainly because your body is balanced and stable. All this is possible through having strong abs. So having strong abs equals fewer problems with injuries and less joint pain. A great benefit to experience. Especially for those who have an active lifestyle.



top 5There you have it. These 5 benefits are probably the most important ones. You don’t have to be a hardcore workout fanatic to experience these 5 benefits. It really doesn’t take a lot to get strong abs. Just executing a couple of different ab exercises 2-3 times a week is more than enough to experience the benefits. The final added benefit is that it will boost your confidence and self-esteem, by having  a great-looking set of abs.



Now that I have informed you of where your abs are and their function, and all the great benefits they can provide. Let’s get into the types of equipment that can be used to get that strong core you have been looking for. This equipment is proven to work. If, properly used you will get results. Now Let’s get into “ab equipment that works”.

Shape and Strengthen Your Core: Top Ab Equipment

Now Let’s get into the main focal point of this post. Let’s find out what the best equipment is to get them shredded abs. This equipment will work if used properly and frequently.

I will start off by stating that this ab equipment that I am going to describe will work for you. You have to use proper form to get the most benefit. When you execute proper form and use this equipment in moderation, along with proper diet. Those abs of yours are going to stick out! Giving you a boost in confidence and a stronger core.

Let’s get started!


Pull-Up Bars

This piece of equipment will really focus on the lower abs. It will put emphasis on the entire core, but the majority of the focus will be on the lower abs. So obviously you need to be able to hang!! So you will definitely have an increase in the strength of your grip.

When you perform exercises on the pull-up bar, it may look easy. When you are using proper form, these are really tough to do. It may be tough, but they are very effective. It may take some time to get it down, but when you do the results are amazing. I would say yes, that using a pull-up bar for getting strong abs is a piece of ab equipment that works!


Medicine Balls

medicine ballWhen you incorporate medicine balls into your ab workouts you are gaining a great benefit. When properly used they can strengthen your core and also your upper body. They can be used in a variety of ways. Which means all the core muscles can be trained. This piece of equipment is very effective, if used properly. You can gain strength and power from the use of medicine balls. Which in turn strengthens your balance and stability in your body. As you can see many benefits are gained from the use of medicine balls. That’s why they are a top pick by certified trainers. Medicine balls come in all different sizes. Find one that fits you and get after it.



Ab Carver

What is an ab carver? An ab carver is an advanced ab wheel. It’s not your ordinary, cheap plastic, poorly designed ab wheel. When using this piece of equipment you are doing more than just working your abs. You are also working your back, shoulders, arms, and chest. Oh!! I forgot did I mention your upper and lower abs.

What makes the ab carver so effective is its design. The way it is designed is that when in use you are in a state of continuous resistance. Which means when performing exercises, they are highly challenging because of the continuous resistance. Which means you do not have to do a lot of repetitions. You also get a great stretch in the muscles. By this happening there is less pain and stiffness. I strongly suggest that you incorporate it into your ab workouts.

This is my top pick for getting strong abs. Most trainers and top athletes would agree with me. This definitely has my approval for ab equipment that works.


Ab Machines

ab machineAb machines are another great way to strengthen your core. There are many of them out there. Chooseab machine one that is most appealing to you. If you don’t like it try another. When deciding on one, make sure that it is specifically designed to train your abs. That is the most important thing to remember. Many ab machines put focus on your back, arms and chest. This may be beneficial, but if you want a stronger core choose a machine that is specifically designed to train your abs.


There is some decent ab machines out there. I have read many reviews on some. Here are my top 5 ab machines, if you are looking for any ideas.

#1 Ab Carver

#2 Ab Circle Pro Home Fitness Machine

#3 Ab Rocket Trainer

#4 Core Max Ab Machine

#5 ProForm Ab Glider Sport

Once again your choice would depend on price, space, durability and versatility. Most of all you want to choose one that appeals to you and has a focus that will strengthen your core.



Exercise Balls

equipmentExercise balls are a great piece of equipment that can improve your core stability, posture and muscle balance. An exercise ball works a lot of the muscles in your core that are not visually seen. For example, when you sit on an exercise ball a lot of those muscles are activated. Just simply sitting on an exercise ball is already working your core. An exercise ball can give you a huge advantage if implemented into your ab workouts. They not only work your core, but they strengthen the muscles that surround your core. This will give you more balance and stability. You also have to focus on using it properly in order to wreak the benefits. Unlike other ab equipment it just hits the abs and nothing else. As with an exercise ball, it works not just the abs, but all the surrounding muscles. Now I’ve said that before. I’m repeating, because I think that is so important. The reason why is that a lot of these muscles help you with everyday activities. By using an exercise ball it can really protect you from injury, and give you the confidence to put more effort into your everyday activities. This is important for those that are not in the best of shape. This is where an exercise ball is highly recommended. It will strengthen and condition the stabilizer muscles and your core. Giving you the support that you need to get things done throughout the day. An exercise ball definitely receives my approval for ab equipment that works.

So there you have my top 5 pieces of ab equipment that works. If, used effectively you will get results. I can’t express how important your core is. It is involved in every movement of your body. You would be considered not smart if you walked into the gym every day and you didn’t workout your abs. There are so many benefits your body can gain by strengthening your core. So please don’t be a fool and workout your abs. Your body will thank you.

Let’s move on….

Abs: Your Support

ab trainingJust as the heading suggests, your abs are your support. Your abs is what keeps everything together. Having strong abs makes it easier to do almost anything. sit upsSince your core is involved in almost every movement of your body. They support every movement, and provide the balance and stability needed to keep you from falling or over-exerting yourself. They are an extremely important set of muscles. They should not be overlooked. They should definitely be involved in your workouts. If trained right and often, your core can provide you a strong foundation. This will provide you with plenty of momentum in reaching your fitness goals and exceeding in your everyday activities. Your abs offer the best support for the rest of your body. My best advice to you is take care of your core muscles, and in return they will take care of you.

Things to Remember about Abs

If you want a set of good abs, you have to put in the work. It’s not easy. The abs is some of the most attractive muscles that you will probably ever see. They can really complement a sculpted body. It requires a lot of effort. You can use the equipment that I suggested and get results. In order to get results you have to put in the work.

So, things to remember about abs:

*Put in the work

*Be Safe: Do not over-exert yourself. Your abs are not going to pop-out overnight. Doing a million crunches in one workout, is going to do nothing but put strain on your abs.

*Diet: This is probably the most important thing to remember. In order to be fit, it all comes down to what you eat and how you eat. Try to consume healthy foods and try to eat small meals. Also, stay away from junk food. All it will do is set you back.

*Exercise: This one is obvious, but very important. There are unlimited ab exercises that you can do. Also, using the equipment that I suggested will get you results. Just put it into action and stick with it. You have to exercise to get strong abs. One more key component to remember is your cardio. Keep it thorough. This will help in your fat loss and melt the fat off your abs. Also, change it up. Keep it interesting, it will keep you coming back for more.

*Goals: The last and final thing to remember is to set goals. This is one way to keep yourself motivated. This will help with your performance. Knowing that you have to continuously work hard to achieve your goals.

There it is. Things to remember about your abs and what to do to help you achieve those fabulous abs. If you use this post as a guideline, you will get results. It all comes down to effort. You have to put in the work. You have to have a no excuse mindset. Stick to the routine, use the equipment I suggested, and you will be well on your way to shredded abs. This will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence and improve your daily life. So get after it and challenge yourself.

Final Thoughts on Abs

Lets begin by saying that building up your abs can be a difficult task. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Also, to mention that building a strong core doesn’t begin in the gym. It involves everything that you do. It depends on how you eat, depends on your workouts and it depends on your determination. What you do outside of the gym and in the gym will determine the shape of your abs. The equipment I talked about will help you. Make sure to use it correctly and in moderation. Make sure to keep it interesting, change it up. Try different ab workouts, its good for your abs and it keeps you motivated. You know where your abs are located. The equipment I explained will hit those areas and they will be effective. So remember to stick with effective ab routines that will get you results. There are a lot of ab routines out there that are just a waste of time. So use equipment that is effective, like I explained and stick with it.

don't give up

Lastly, workout with purpose. Make sure to set goals and strive to achieve them. There is nothing better than looking in the mirror and seeing results. That is a boost in confidence and self-esteem. Remember it all begins with hard work and effort. So use the equipment I talked about in your workouts. Give it your best effort to eat right. Those abs will begin to show. Then you are on your way to a stronger core and a healthier lifestyle. So get after it and stay fit. Do your best to challenge yourself and blast past your goals. Thank you for your interest in this post.