Battle Rope Benefits: What Your Missing!!


battle rope


Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is staying on top of their fitness goals. If not, get off your butt and start getting after it, LOL!! Today, I’m going to talk about a new topic. Many of you or maybe just a few of you may be familiar with this topic. Of course, this is obviously a piece of fitness equipment, as my site is totally based on fitness equipment. This piece of equipment is fairly new to the fitness industry, maybe introduced a few years ago. If you implement this equipment into your workouts. You can definitely change your entire body composition, make you more defined, make you stronger and give you more endurance. It can change your whole body. So what am I talking about? Do you have any guesses? Well I guess you already know, if you read the title. I am talking about Battle Ropes. It’s the newest thing now days in the fitness world. battle ropes are experiencing a big abundant surge in popularity. They are showing up in gyms all over the world. They are really becoming a big staple in many peoples training programs.

In this article, the majority of the information will be on the benefits of battle ropes. What they can do for you, what they actually are, what muscles are involved when using battle ropes, and also the good and the bad of using battle ropes.

I hope after reading this article, you go out and give battle ropes a try. They are a great piece of equipment to add to your workouts. They provide a great benefit and add great value to your body. If you’re looking to burn fat and gain strength. Then battle ropes can help you get there. Although, battle ropes may not be for everyone. A good thing to consider is what your fitness goals are. Once you determine that, and feel that the benefits of battle ropes can help reach your goals. Then go for it and give it a try. If you feel that you are making gains, keep going. Their is so much you can gain with the use of battle ropes. Also, it gives you a chance to change things up. When you try something new, it always makes you come back for more. So let’s get started!

What is a Battle Rope? Not your ordinary rope!

battle rope

To get things straight a battle rope is not just a rope. Their is more to it than that. A battle rope is a thick rope. They are generally made from synthetic fiber like polypropylene. Of course, others are made from other materials, but the majority of them are made from polypropylene. If you have ever been to a boat dock or shipyard, the ropes they used to tie down to the docks, that is what they look like. They all come in different sizes, colors and thickness. That is a general idea of what they look like and what they are. I hope you are still with me, let’s move on!

Primary Purpose

The battle rope is a great piece of equipment! The battle rope system was developed by John Brookfeld. John has created many training methods used by many strength and conditioning coaches. He has also written many books, and also known for pulling trucks with just chains and determination.





So we know who developed them. Let’s get into their primary purpose. Battle ropes provide for a form of higher intensity training. They can be used to develop an athlete’s power, explosiveness, and also help develop aerobic and anaerobic endurance. They are a very important tool. If you are looking to improve in those areas. If used correctly they can make weak body parts stronger. Their are numerous exercises that can be performed with battle ropes. Their sole purpose is to develop strength, mobility, stability, balance, and endurance. This all depends on how you use them. One great thing about battle ropes is that the movements and techniques can be modified for just about any ones fitness level.



One more purpose that battle ropes provide is that it is great for conditioning the mind. Like I said before, it is a form of higher intensity training. You are performing an intense workout, which in return makes it powerful training for mental toughness. By working out with battle ropes it develops a different type of mental challenge.




Their you have it! The overall general purpose of battle ropes. They provide a different type of workout. Which is good, it gives you a lot of variety to work with. It keeps it interesting and fun, which is what you want. It keeps you coming back for more.

On to the next one….

Muscles Involved: All-Around Body Workout

Battle ropes can work a variety of muscles. When used properly, battle ropes can give you a combination of muscular endurance and strength. You also gain cardiovascular conditioning, joint stability, and core strength. As you can see battle ropes provide quite a bit of benefit. This improves your body greatly. This will also help in your everyday activities. It will make it easier for you.



Battle ropes activates multiple muscle groups. I say multiple muscle groups, because I do mean all the muscle groups. Battle ropes work the entire body. They work your shoulders, arms, back, muscles around your spine, your lower back, your abs, chest, hips and legs. You get an all-around body workout. By working many of the muscle groups in the body, you are going to increase the fat burning process. You are also activating the deep core muscles in your body. Finally, you are challenging your mind and body. Which is great motivation for reaching your fitness goals.


Now you are aware of what muscles are involved, which is basically all of them. To fully take advantage of battle ropes, you must learn the techniques. Don’t worry the basics are simple to learn. The techniques and exercises are a whole other chapter. In order for you to get the most out of your battle ropes sessions. Please learn the basics. Once you get a “grip” on that, you can move on to more intermediate or advanced routines. Remember to be intense and give everything you have to fully take advantage of these wonderful battle ropes.

Now let’s move on to the benefits.

Benefits of Battle Ropes

Now we have arrived to the important part of this post! The benefits of battle ropes. As with any exercise equipment, the benefits are in great numbers. It is impossible to explain each benefit of battle ropes. If I did, it would be like writing a book. I will just go over the most common benefits that you can experience when using battle ropes in moderation. So let’s get started.

1. Less injuries and more results

So let’s begin with safety. When using battle ropes you decrease your chance of injury. This is because you are creating your own force. Their is no ceiling. It all depends on the intensity that you apply. Here are some big words. When using battle ropes you create the dual-force effect and contralateral movement. When that is in consideration, that creates adaptation in the body. When all that takes place fewer injuries occur. Like I said before, this all happens because each person creates their own force production. So the force is self-inflicted depending on the persons’ fitness level. Main point is fewer injuries, more opportunity to grow endurance, burn fat, and gain strength and power.






Let’s move on….


2. Versatility

Battle ropes are very versatile. They can be taken anywhere. All you need is enough space and an anchor point. You can train with battle ropes outside, in the gym or at your home. They can easily fit in a duffle bag. They are the easiest piece of equipment to transport. So get outside and get some fresh air and get a battle rope workout in! Battle ropes are ready to right out of the box. You can easily break a sweat within minutes, once you open your box of battle ropes. So get to it and tackle that battle rope workout!



On to the next one!


3. Total Body Workout

Battle ropes can give you an all-around body workout. Battle ropes can be used in a variety of ways. They can definitely give your fitness a boost! They can also promote functional fitness.


The first muscle group that battle ropes targets is your core. Your core will be worked with every battle rope workout. The core muscles are engaged with each movement of the rope. In more detail, with each movement it throws your body off balance. That is when your core comes into play and helps you regain control and support. Your core helps counteract the force of the battle rope movement. So your core will get targeted effectively.



Upper Body

When considering the upper body, this is the focus of battle rope training. Depending on which exercises you choose. The upper body will get the most work. When performing exercises with battle ropes the muscles in the chest, shoulders, back, and your arms are all engaged in the movement of the rope. Like I stated above depending on which exercises you choose, some will work some muscles more than others. It is possible to specifically target muscles depending on which exercise you choose. One thing to remember is to change battle rope exercises regularly to make sure you hit each muscle that you prefer.



Next up, lower body.


Lower Body

Now battle ropes training definitely does not take the lower body out of the picture. The only thing to remember when training lower body with battle ropes, is to make sure you are in the upright standing position. This will keep your upper body balanced. In addition to working your lower body, you can throw in lunges and side-to-side lunges. This will hit your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. You can also increase by adding jumps, box jumps, and squats. This will all put emphasis on your lower body. Giving you an equal workout to your upper body. Although, this will be more difficult to do. In return you are gaining more strength and endurance. In the end you will build a better body with more confidence.


4. Can be used as an alternative

What the heading means above, is that battle rope training can be used as an alternative to cardio sessions.

treadmillThis type of training can take the place of traditional cardio sessions. You will definitely get faster results with the use of battle ropes. A 10-minute battle rope session can give you higher heart rates, and increase cardio-respiratory fitness fatcompared to a traditional cardio session. It also creates a bigger challenge for yourself. By taking on challenges you create growth within yourself. It gives you more motivation to keep going. Also, with battle ropes there is a lot of variety. You can do a different workout every time. Battle ropes keep it interesting! In my opinion you will burn more fat and get stronger with the use of battle ropes. I feel that running on a treadmill or sitting on a bike is not fun. I want to make gains and burn fat, and you can do that with battle ropes.


HIIT Training

High intensity training as they call it. This is the new thing that is coming out. This type of training goes great with battle ropes. This is also another alternative to traditional cardio. When using battle ropes in this type of training you are going to burn a ton of calories. You will burn way more than the treadmill, elliptical and bike. battle ropes are just better in all aspects. If burning fat is your goal, then battle ropes are your answer. When combined with HIIT training your fat will melt off your body. So go with the battle rope alternative instead. Combine it with HIIT training and get faster results. This is my number one recommendation. If you are ignoring battle ropes, you are just cheating yourself. Give it a try.


On to the next benefit.


5. Easy to set-up

This one is easy! Battle ropes are easy to set-up. After they are set-up they don’t require much maintenance, besides rolling them up or putting them in a bag. All that is required is that you have a solid anchor point. It could be a bench, railing, a post, or a heavy kettlebell. If you want to put them in a permanent spot, you can purchase a wall anchor. Then attach it to your wall and attach your battle ropes to it. Most battle ropes come with a wall anchor strap, that will allow you to attach it to the wall anchor. Their is not much to it. Just anchor down and start working out. They are very convenient. Their is not 100-page instructions or multiple step-by-steps you have to follow in order to use it. Their fast and easy to set-up and ready to go.


6. Keep It Fresh

What I mean by keeping it fresh, is to change it up. Throw some variety in there. By using battle ropes you can do all that. Their are millions of ideas on the internet. Do a search on battle rope workouts on Google, Yahoo, or YouTube. The ideas are endless. You can do a different battle rope workout every time you workout. This is one great benefit of battle ropes. You can pick a different workout, you can also change the reps, the sets, and the rest in between. you can also use them as a finisher after your strength training workout. you can change up the intensity to any fitness level. You can use battle ropes in any which you want to, to get the most benefit. Finally, if your workouts are getting boring and dull.  Give battle ropes a try. They are a great way to keep it fresh!

Pros and Cons of Battle Ropes

As with anything in this world, there is always good and bad outcomes for everything. Even when it comes to fitness. Some equipment works for others and for some it doesn’t. It all depends on your fitness needs and goals. Also, considering that many factors come into play, and much more depends on your body. Whether you have injuries, or you are older or younger, or you want to burn fat or build muscle. All that has to go into consideration before choosing a piece of fitness equipment.

So let’s jump into the pros and cons of battle ropes. If you feel that it is worth it, then go ahead and give battle ropes a try. They are a great piece of equipment. They have great value when it comes to conditioning and burning fat.



+ One big positive of battle ropes is that it provides full-body metabolic conditioning (MetCon). What metabolic conditioning is, it’s an intense circuit style workout. You are moving fast over a period of time. That is exactly what battle ropes can provide.




+ Battle ropes can also help you melt the fat off your body. You can burn a lot of calories even after your workout. This is because your metabolism will be skyrocketed, because of the style of training you did. Fat be gone!!

+ Another great thing about battle ropes is that you get an intense core workout. Who doesn’t want strong abs. This equipment will definitely get the job done on your core.

+ Although battle ropes can work your lower body, but its main point of emphasis is the upper body. Your upper body can benefit greatly from the use of battle ropes. You will strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, back and chest with battle rope workouts.

+ Lastly, battle ropes are fun!! Who wants to deal with the boredom of traditional cardio? Not me! The workouts are fast, and your not standing in one spot the whole time. Plus, you can do them with a partner. You can choose to do your workout outside. It gives you a lot of variety. Which is good when it comes to training. It keeps it interesting and makes you want to do more.





space– One negative note on battle ropes is that they do take up some space. You need a little room to use battle ropes.




– Since battle ropes is a single piece of equipment. It is probably not a good idea to base an entire workout around them.

– Another negative is that battle ropes require an all-out effort. It requires 110%. You need to push your body to the limit. If this is not achieved, then you will not gain the full benefit of using battle ropes.



intensityBattle ropes are not really recommended for beginners. In my opinion, you have to work your way up to battle ropes. It would be best to build up your endurance and gain some strength. Also, it would be best to learn the basics of battle ropes. This will give you a “heads up”, as I would say. Please consider this before giving a battle rope workout a try.


So there you have it. The positive and the negative of battle ropes. You can go more in depth. If you talk to anyone that is familiar with battle ropes, you might get the same answers. It will vary. You will not know unless you try them out.

My final take on Battle Ropes


In my grand opinion battle ropes are great!! They can do a lot for your body and mind. The workouts are fast and short. When you are done with a workout, you actually feel that you did some good for your body.

The value that they can provide for fat loss is outstanding. It definitely beats jogging on a treadmill for a half hour. Besides fat loss, you can also gain strength. i personally use battle ropes in my workouts. You can definitely feel that burn in your arms, chest, and shoulders. I guess what it all boils down to is what are your fitness needs. If you want to burn fat and tone up, then battle ropes are your answer. If you want to bulk up and become the Hulk, stick with free weights. My recommendation for overall fitness would be to implement battle ropes in to your training. It may be hard to get used to right away, but work at it. Over time you will start to experience the benefits. It will be challenge, but when it comes to trying to improve your body in any way, it is a challenge no matter what.

I hope this article was helpful to you. I hope you gained some knowledge. Finally, I hope that you can put it to use in reaching your fitness goals. Thank you for reading! Also, feel free to leave any comments or feedback. Thank You!!