Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set!!




Hello everyone! Welcome back to my site! Today, I will be talking about weights. This is something that all you workout junkies are familiar with. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced weight lifter. You all know what weights are and that’s the truth. I’m not going to talk about weights in general. I’m going to be more specific, like adjustable dumbbells. They may not be so popular yet. They may not be a big thing in commercial gyms. In commercial gyms you may have a rack of individual dumbbells. When it comes to adjustable dumbbells, you have a set of dumbbells that have a variation of weights, that are all in one set. They come in pretty handy, especially if you workout from home. This is a great accessory to add to your home gym.


To put it all together I am going to explain what is the best adjustable dumbbell set to have or even think about purchasing. There are many types, designs and brands out there to choose from. I will narrow it down and give you the top brands to think about. If you don’t have a set of adjustable dumbbells in your home gym just yet. I will eliminate all the clutter and give you the best adjustable dumbbell set to have. I will give you my top 5 adjustable dumbbells sets. There are hundreds maybe even thousands of different types of adjustable dumbbells. My research is based on popularity, design, versatility and portability. By considering all that, I have come up with my top 5. Hopefully, this post helps you gain knowledge of adjustable dumbbells and how important this piece of equipment is. Also, how important it is to choose the best adjustable dumbbell set. By doing this you will get the most out of your workouts and also help you in reaching your fitness goals faster. All leading to a healthier and stronger body, and a boost in self-confidence and a more motivated and driven lifestyle.

Let’s move on…

How Do They Work?– Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Using a set of dumbbells is fairly simple. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use them. Most of them involve just the turn of a dial or a pull and push of a pin. It’s fairly easy.


What is an adjustable dumbbell?

There are basically two types of adjustable dumbbells. Those two types are round adjustable dumbbells and block-shaped adjustable dumbbells. The most common one that you will run into is the round adjustable dumbbell. Both types will produce the same results. It just depends on which type that best suits your needs.












Now let’s really get into how they really work. First, lets start off with the type of mechanisms that make an adjustable dumbbell, adjustable.


Turn Dial

This type of mechanism is most common with round adjustable dumbbells. Most of them have a dial at each end. You then turn the dial to the desired weight. Then grab and pull the dumbbell from its stand, then the dumbbell will come out with the desired weight that you set the dial to before. It is fairly easy and very quick.





Insertion of Pin

This mechanism is more common with block-shaped dumbbells. Instead of turning a dial for your desired weight, you are inserting a pin, in most cases a u-shaped pin. You choose your weight and then insert the u-shaped pin into the block of plates. Then you lift up on the handles and the weight you choose will come with the handle. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.





Clamp System

This type of system has to do with dumbbells that involve removing weight plates and putting on others. They are then secured on by a clamp or collar. This method takes more time. You will see this type of system in a commercial gym, more often or not. This type of system will not work on dumbbells that have all the weights in one.



So now you have the idea of how they work. Once you select the weight that you want and pull them away from the stand. Then you can use them just like any other dumbbell. It is really simple.

Tips on Picking the Right Adjustable Dumbbell Set

In this section I will give you some tips or some guidance as to how to pick the right dumbbell set for you. These tips will really help you in getting the most out of your adjustable dumbbell set. These tips are based around an adjustable dumbbell set that is suited for your home gym. As in many commercial gyms, you will more than likely find a rack of dumbbells, which will take up a lot of space. You may encounter some adjustable dumbbells in a commercial gym. In all cases they may be an adjustable dumbbell with a clamp system, which I explained earlier. These tips are based on saving you time, space, and most of all money!

So let’s dive into this!!


Storage Space

This tip is very important when choosing an adjustable dumbbell set. A bit of space is required for a set of adjustable dumbbells. The next thing you must decide on is if you want a stand, or stand with a rack. If you are deciding to go with this option. This type of choice will require you to have a tiny bit of more space. In most cases, you can just go with the dumbbells itself. This in return will save you some space.


Choosing of your weight–Manual or Automatic

This tip involves the weight on your dumbbell. More specifically, how you choose the weight desired.

Like I said before you want to get the most out of your adjustable dumbbell set. You don’t want to spend a lot of time taking plates off and putting plates on. Remember, we want to reach our fitness goals. That means spending more time working out.

As with commercial gyms, there are barbells, curl bars and other types of bars. These all require you to put plates on take plates off manually and attach a collar or nut, so the plates stay in place. This is all good! You want to save time. Many people these days don’t have a lot of time. So if you are a person who has a lot of time on your hands. That’s great! Then the manual method will work for you.





As for people with busy schedules and are on the go and workout form home. Then choosing the automatic method will best suit your needs. The automatic method is like I explained before. This involves the turning of a dial or using a pin to select your desired weight. This method is much faster and easier and a big time-saver.




The automatic method is by far the best way to go. The biggest advantage of this method, is that it saves time. This in turn allows you to put more focus into your workout and get faster results.

This is a very useful tip! If you go with the manual method, you have to consider that you will need more space, for the extra plates. If you go with the automatic method, all of your weights are in one set. Just turn a dial or push a pin and go!



Pick the desired weight that fits your routine

dollarsThis tip will help you save lots of money. You want to take full advantage of your dumbbell set. You don’t want them sitting in a corner collecting dust. You don’t want to be telling yourself ” I bought these dumbbells, and I don’t even use them. I wasted all that money on them.” If you don’t want to be that person. Then take this tip into major consideration.




** When choosing your dumbbell set, make sure to pick a dumbbell set with a range of weight that fits your entire routine.

Once you determine the range of weight that you will need for all of your routines. Then this will lead to dollar signyou using your adjustable dumbbell set more regularly. For that reason you are going to save yourself some money.

Choosing your desired weight carefully. Just remember that an adjustable dumbbell that carries more weight, has a higher purchasing price.



Consider how you are going to use them.

The last and final tip, Is how are you going to use them? This tip ties into tip #3. By considering this tip, this will also save you some money. This will also increase the use of your dumbbells, and get your money’s worth out of them.

First, let’s start off by thinking about your exercise plans. Make sure to ask yourself, What is going to be the sole purpose of my dumbbell set? Are you going to use them for arms, shoulders, back, chest, or my legs? Once, you have a plan on how to use your dumbbells. Then you can decide on a weight range based off your plan. Just for example, if you are going to use them for arms. Then a dumbbell with a smaller weight range maybe sufficient. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells would be perfect. Make sure to pick the proper weight range, to get the most out of your dumbbells.


Quick Summary

  • Think about space
  • How do you want to adjust your weight
  • Consider desired weight range
  • How are you going to use them?

Now that you are aware of how to choose the best adjustable dumbbell set for yourself. Let me give you some more information that will make your decision a little easier. I will give you the top brands of adjustable dumbbells. I will give you my top 5 rated adjustable dumbbell sets. All this is based on popularity, design, versatility and portability. This will really help in narrowing down your choice. There are so many out there. Please use this article as a guide, it will definitely help you make the right choice.

Top Brands

#1 Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

This is by far the most popular adjustable dumbbell out there. In my opinion they are the best on the market. They are easily adjustable, their adjustment system is very innovative. It’s quick and easy! The design is outstanding. It feels and works like a traditional dumbbell. The versatility is amazing! They can be used in many ways, This gives you many options when designing your workouts. They are a little spendy but it will turn out to be a great investment. These dumbbells are the best of the best.

#2 Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells

There are many versions of this dumbbell, but they all do the same thing. This one is almost up there with Bowflex. The one key factor that sets this dumbbell apart from the others, is that you can add an expansion pack. So if the weight becomes to little, you can add on an expansion pack. The design is not that bad, its very compact and balanced. It is shaped like a block, hence the name “Powerblock”. The changing of weight is easy, it uses a push pin mechanism. The best thing about this dumbbell is its versatility. By having the option of adding an expansion pack, opens it up for more options for you. The price is reasonable a little cheaper than Bowflex. This dumbbell is well worth the price, and adds great value to your workouts.

#3 Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells

This is another great dumbbell to have. This dumbbell has 10 different weights in one. You can also adjust the weight by the click of a dial. There are two versions of this dumbbell a 55lb. and a 72lb. That is a great range of weight for the average lifter. They don’t take up much space. They have a sleek design. They have an octagonal shape, so they will not roll around on the floor. They can also be purchased with a stand, which is a great addition. These dumbbells are great for those who don’t have much space and don’t have much time. The price is reasonable. It’s a great investment that will wreak great benefits.

#4 Xmark Adjustable Dumbbell

This type of dumbbell is a very strong dumbbell. The weights are made from heavy-duty chrome plated steel. It is guaranteed to ensure longevity and plenty of durability. There are two versions a 25lb. and a 50lb. pair. They are very easy to use. They use an easy slider adjustment mechanism. You get a storage try that is included with the dumbbells which adds great value. I really like these dumbbells because they are durable and very reliable, mostly they are also very affordable. Their Xmark adjustable dumbbell should not be ignored.

#5 Nordic Track Speed Weights

Now for my last top pick, I’m choosing the Nordic Track speed weights. This is another great dumbbell. This dumbbell can offer you limitless workout possibilities. This dumbbell set can bring the gym into your home. This dumbbell has an easy push selector system, it almost works like a dial. It makes the selection of weight quick and easy. This dumbbells weight can go up to 55lbs. Which is ideal for beginners and maybe even intermediate lifters. You can’t go wrong with this dumbbell. The design is great. The price is affordable, easy to use, and it provides endless workout possibilities. They are a great purchase and a great addition to any home gym.

There you have it! My top 5 picks! Those are some dumbbells that I would consider when thinking about purchasing a set of adjustable dumbbells.

Let’s move on…

Pros and Cons of adjustable dumbbells

Of course, everything is not perfect. Almost everything has their good and bad. It just proves that we do not live in a perfect world. In this section I will give you the overall pros and cons of the adjustable dumbbell. In my honest opinion, I don’t see to many cons in adjustable dumbbells, but there are some minor ones.


+ Portability

Obviously, it would be impossible to haul around a full rack of dumbbells. That is what makes adjustable dumbbells so great! You can put them in your car or in a suitcase. They are small and compact. This makes them available for a workout anywhere. So this gives you no excuse to get that workout in.


One great thing about adjustable dumbbells is that it allows you to have free-range of motion. It also allows you to add resistance to traditional body weight exercises. The number of exercises are endless. Sometimes all you need is just a set of dumbbells. A whole-body workout can be based around a set of dumbbells. The versatility is amazing!

+Adjustment of weight

Adjusting the weight on adjustable dumbbells can be a breeze. This is particularly better on dumbbells that have a dial or push pin system. It’s quick and easy! The simplicity in the design of the adjustable dumbbell makes adjusting the weight so much easier.

+Easy to use

This all comes down to the adjusting of the weight. The ease of changing the weight so easily, is what gives the adjustable dumbbell so much popularity.

+ Low cost

This one may go both ways. When you are considering over the long run, adjustable dumbbells come at a low cost. Specially, when you compare it to other weightlifting choices, like a gym membership, the use of gas to and from the gym etc.


The cons of adjustable dumbbells is very few. They are more advantageous than anything.

– Bulky and unbalanced

Some adjustable dumbbells may be just to big, allowing it to be unbalanced. This would make it difficult to handle. In most cases this problem is with the dumbbells that offer a wider range of weight.

– Minimal weight

This con is more for the big lifters. Most adjustable dumbbells go up to as high as 90lbs. If you are a power lifter or an advanced bodybuilder, this option may not be for you.

– Wear down

Of course, over time things may take some wear and tear on them. Some parts on the adjustment mechanism may wear down over time. By using them properly and carefully you can reduce that wear over time.

Like I said before there are not to many disadvantages of using a set of adjustable dumbbells. As you can see the cons are very few. By choosing a set of dumbbells carefully and choosing a set that suits your needs, many of the cons can be eliminated.

My Final Say

By having a set of adjustable dumbbells you are definitely giving yourself and advantage. Your body is going to benefit greatly. A set of adjustable dumbbells can offer you a wide variety of exercises. It can give you an edge when it comes to building your body. They can give you a total body workout, and save you lots of time. This allows you to get your workout done quicker. In return gives you more time to put into other activities. They a definitely a time-saver.

I know there is so many to choose from. If you follow my advice, I am sure you can find one that suits your needs. They may be a little spendy. You will gain over the long run. The great value and benefit far exceeds the price. My advice would be to deeply consider purchasing a set of adjustable dumbbells. You will not regret it.

As the title of this post says “The Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set”. In my best overall opinion, the best adjustable dumbbell set is the Bowflex Adjustable dumbbell line. By far the best of the best. They are awesome! They are designed great, they are top quality, and they are compact and versatile. If you have chance to get your hands on a set of these, by all means do it! It will probably be your first and last set of dumbbells you will ever buy. These dumbbells are my #1 choice.

I hope this article was helpful to you. I hope the insight can help you in purchasing a set of dumbbells. Just make sure that they suit your needs and fit into your fitness plans. So you are able to get the best use out of them. Remember to train safe and be careful. Most of all get after it and stay jacked! Happy lifting everyone!