Exercise Home Gyms: The top 5 Advantages-“Big 5”

Now days everybody wants everything to be convenient. Whether it is pushing a button, or a simple mouse click, or the swipe or tap on a screen. Everybody wants it easy. Convenience seems to fit everybody now days.

Now when it comes to working out, convenience is a necessity. You have convenience, that means youhome gym have time to get a workout in which, leads me to my next point. An exercise home gym!! Having your own exercise home gym, gives you the convenience and availability that you need to get those most important workouts in. Having an exercise home gym gives you the pure satisfaction of taking in the famous phrase of “no excuses”. I mean the gym is in the comforts of your very own home. What excuse would you have.

There are many more benefits to an exercise home gym. Its just a matter of getting the right equipment that is suited for your type of workouts. There are many great advantages to having your own exercise home gym. Its just making the investment and having just a little space in your home.

top 5

Now to the “BIG 5” advantages of an exercise home gym! There are many more benefits, but I feel
these “BIG 5” are the most important. Regardless, of whether you are young or older, beginner or advanced. An exercise home gym is a worthy investment and can last a lifetime.

Advantage #1 Convenience — Fits Your Schedule

This is probably the top advantage of having an exercise home gym. It totally erases all the excuses. Your only option is to get a workout in. Having a gym in your home saves you time, because you don’t have to make a trip to your local gym. That extra time gives you more time to workout.

Also, the convenience of your own exercise home gym can lead to increased consistency and productivity. Which will lead to greater results in your body and health. You can get in there and get your scheduleworkout done. You don’t have to stand around waiting for equipment and machines. You can do more in less time with an exercise home gym. The convenience gives you the ability to schedule your own workouts and much more flexibility. All this will lead to better efficiency.

Another reason of having the convenience of an exercise home gym is that it can eliminate distractions. Which is very good, because distractions can take away from your workout time, it can take away from effective rest periods between sets, and it can make you lose your focus on your workout. The elimination of distractions, allows you to organize your workouts according to your specificschedule needs. Which in return allows you to complete your workouts from start to finish and with better focus.

Basically, it boils down to, if you have an exercise home gym located in your home or garage. Most excuses are invalid. You can workout when you want to, wear what you want, you have your own privacy, and you don’t have to be self-conscious. The convenience will go a long way. Its just a matter of making an investment on equipment that suits your needs which, brings me to my next advantage point. The cost-effectiveness of an exercise home gym.

Advantage #2 Cost Effective–Worthy Investment–Save Lots of Money

In the long run, investing in an exercise home gym, can save you a ton of money. This is what makes a home gym so cost-effective. Everybody wants to save money. Considering the numbers out there on what gym memberships cost. You are likely going to be paying an annual fee on a gym membership. dollarsWhich over time the fees will accumulate every year. Whether you use it or not. When considering a home gym, you are only paying one fee. That is your initial investment of purchasing your equipment. Of course, you don’t have to purchase all your equipment at one time. You can buy little by little, until you are satisfied, or whatever fits your budget. The overall cost is definitely cheaper than paying an annual fee every year at a local gym. After many years of paying that annual fee, it begins to add up. Then you just end up wasting a ton of money. Money that you could have invested into your very own customized exercise home gym.

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You just have to compare the numbers. Many gyms require a yearly membership. If you don’t use it, decide to relocate someplace else, you may have to pay another fee. So you put the numbers together, roughly $600-$800 for a yearly membership at your local gym. However, equipment for a home gym aren’t always cheap, but most of the time it’s a one time investment. The average numbers for your own home gym, roughly fall in the $1200-$1500 range. Once again it’s a one time investment most of the time. You do the math. Almost in two years you will have your own home gym paid off. Compared to paying the annual fee at your local gym. In the long term it is common sense, an exercise home gym is a better investment.

Advantage #3 Time-Efficient — Wasting No Time!

Most people now days want to save time. They want to get things done in the shortest period of time. That is extremely important when it comes to working out. No one wants to spend numerous hours in crowdedthe gym. Most people want to get in do what they have to do, and get out. So if, you are using your local gym. You may be spending more time than you have to. If you go to your local gym at the peak hours. You are definitely wasting your time. You will be waiting for machines, it will be crowded, you’ll be spending too much time looking for plates and getting a bench. Just numerous distractions that you will encounter. Let alone the commute to the gym which takes time.clock

If you really think about it. Will you really get a productive workout in? With all them distractions going on, I think not. That is why an exercise home gym is your best option. It gives you the convenience that you need. It saves you a ton of time. You don’t have to make the commute to the gym, which saves you gas money. Plus, it gives you the option to workout when you want. You don’t have to schedule your workouts around your local gyms business hours. Your exercise home gym is open 24/7. Giving you the opportunity to workout when it is convenient for you. You can fit in your workouts around your schedule.

All in all, you save time and you workout at your own convenience. You don’t have to put up with business hours, waiting for equipment and many other distractions. Let alone the cleanliness of the localwaiting gym. With all this in mind, this leads me to my two final advantages of an exercise home gym. Considering the time-efficiency, and cost-effectiveness and convenience of an exercise home gym. This will lead to more success and more motivation, for your life and your body. Let’s get into more detail.

Advantage #4 Motivation — “Get up and Get moving”

There are many types of people out there. In my opinion, most people who workout including myself. Like to be organized and layout your workouts, and know what you are going to do, once you hit the gym. That is one big convenience of having your own exercise home gym. By having this option you can no excusescomplete your workouts from start to finish. That will lead to better focus. All this adds up to increased motivation. Motivation will be heightened, because there will be no distractions. This will give you the spark to stay on track and get those most important workouts in. You will look forward to your workouts. Motivation is key to getting a no excusesbetter and stronger body. By having your own home gym, you are more likely to commit to working out. There is nothing in the way for you to workout. That is why motivation is increased. You can do what you want. You can blast your music, workout naked, and grunt and scream as loud as you want. Most of all you are not wasting your time. You are being productive and efficient. You are improving your mind, body, and soul. All leading to increased motivation. So keep getting after it!!



Now this leads me to my last and final advantage of a home gym. Success!!

Advantage #5 Success!! — “Keep Going”


You can have much more improved success with your body, by discovering the advantages of an exercise home gym. There are so many conveniences that you can get from an exercise home gym. I truly believe you can make more progress and improvement in your fitness. By creating your own home gym. You can make your gym fit you. It suits your needs. By discovering the advantages, exercising will stop feeling like a chore. You will get more enjoyment and success out of it! You will get better results and fell better about yourself. It will lead to bigger and better things for yourself. By feeling better both mentally and physically. You will improve your way of life. That will carry on into other aspects of your life, it is like a chain reaction. This will all lead to positive results. Creating more happiness in your life, but most of all more success in life.success key

The Final Result

In the reality of it all an exercise home gym is a great investment. There are many advantages. It can give the satisfaction of doing what ever you want. You have the convenience of working out when you want to. You save a ton of money in the long run. All distractions are eliminated. You can’t come up with any excuses to not workout. You can gain more motivation, by having your workouts organized and laid out, so you can go from start to finish. Then you can gain the fulfillment of accomplishing a productive workout. Having that in mind, you can get after it more. This will keep you committed to your workouts as you keep going you will gain a positive mood. You will start feeling better about yourself. This will lead to more success for yourself. An exercise home gym can change your life in a very positive way. You just have to make that switch and invest. Once it happens you will discover the advantages. Then you will start experiencing a healthier and happier you. So get moving and get after it!!