Home Fitness Equipment– “The Essentials”


Hello Everyone!! I hope everyone is staying on top of their fitness. Let’s get straight into it. In today’s world we are living on the fast track. Everyone is busy with their day to day lives. A lot of focus is put on just getting things done. Nobody wants to be overwhelmed. Everyone in this world wants a stress free life. So when it comes to staying on top of your health and fitness, it is the same way. They want to get in and out and get that workout done. Am I right? Nobody wants to be standing around waiting for a machine or treadmill. So many people who feel that their health and fitness is important to them. They choose another route and choose to workout at home. So many that are just beginning on working on their fitness at home, you have come to the right spot. I’m going to get into the basics or the essentials of home fitness equipment. The rare necessities that you need to start your own home gym.

Let’s begin by saying that you don’t need a ton of space. You can easily turn your living room or basement into a workout area. It’s a lot easier than you think. It may not have all the fancy equipment or floor length mirrors, but your home can be transformed into a gym with the right fitness equipment.

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Now let’s get into “home fitness equipment.” The bare essentials, what do you need? Sometimes it depends. Are you going for strength or cardio? What are your fitness targets and personal goals? How experienced are you? So many questions. At this point, you just want to get an idea. As this post is just going into the bare essentials of home fitness equipment. Once you get more comfortable and familiar with your fitness. You can go into more depth on the type of equipment you will need for your home gym. Then you can purchase equipment that is more focused on your fitness needs.

The Bare Essentials– “Get you started”

Let’s get into it! Shall we! Now that you have chosen a space that is reserved for your very own home gym. Let’s get some equipment in there.

First, let’s begin by saying the equipment will vary depending on your fitness goals and what type of body you want to build. I’m just going to go over the essentials. Basically, what you will need to get you started. The equipment that I’m going to describe, will help you get a fit and tone body. This will get you on the right track to accomplishing your fitness goals. Its all a matter of sticking to it, and getting after it. That is the only way you will get results.


Adjustable Dumbbells– “All in one”

To get started, ask yourself what does every gym have in it? Weights and dumbbells. Right? That is correct. The first essential piece of equipment you will need in your home gym, will be some dumbbells. Preferably, adjustable dumbbells. They take up less space. A mile long rack of dumbbells is great to have, but a set of adjustable dumbbells does the job just as good. Most come with a storage rack that easily slides under your bed or behind the couch. You can adjust the weight accordingly to the intensity dumbbellof your workout. Also, you can do numerous workouts with a set of adjustable dumbbells. You can definitely get a full body workout with a good set of adjustable dumbbells. There are many brands out there. Preferably, Bowflex, Weider, Powerblock and Proform are the best quality. There are many others. Those are my top choices. The price range will vary, depending on the size you get. Basically, $70-$550 is the price range. A little spendy, but well worth the investment. A set of adjustable dumbbells is a big necessity in your home gym.

Now lets move on to the next big essential.

Adjustable Weight Bench– “Gives you more variety”

The next big thing for your home gym is an adjustable weight bench. It is definitely a “must have”. Your home gym is not complete without a weight bench. They are a vital piece of equipment for working out. An adjustable weight bench gives you a large amount of options for exercises. That will focus on all your muscles across your whole body. Also, a weight bench is very necessary for having proper form. Adjustable weight benches are more versatile, meaning you can adjust them to hit different muscle groups. This will also give you more variety.

Like with adjustable dumbbells, there are many kinds of weight benches. It’s best to go with a bench that is adjustable. There are many brands. in my opinion, Bowflex, Powerblock, CAP, Marcy Deluxe and Iron Master are really good brands to choose from. It all depends on your budget and your fitness needs.
The pricing range really depends on the make and model. A price range from $40-$400 is what you will see for an adjustable weight bench. It is a big necessity and will add great value to your home gym.

On to our next essential. This next necessity does not take up much room at all, yet this necessity gives great value to your workouts. You can do numerous workouts with this piece of equipment. This piece of equipment puts great emphasis on your core, which in return provides great support for the rest of the muscles in your body. So let’s discover the medicine ball!


Medicine Ball– “Used since ancient times”

First off a medicine ball is a weighted sphere. That usually measures 14 inches wide, and can weigh between 2 and 25 pounds.

The medicine ball is a great piece of equipment. This piece of equipment will help you develop more muscular strength and help you develop more power. Back in the day gladiators used them for training. So they do have a significant meaning when it comes to working out. This is a great must have for your home gym. They can be used in a range of poses and interchangeable routines. You can get a total medicine ballbody workout with them, but this piece of equipment will put great emphasis on your upper and lower core. This will really tone-up your tummy. Try to grab one of these or a couple of these. They are a valuable piece of equipment to have. You can benefit greatly from this piece of equipment. There are many brands out there. My top picks would be Rogue, Power Systems, Dynamax, Valeo, and J/Fit. There are many more to choose from, but those are the ones that I would choose from. The price will vary depending on the weight of the ball and the material it is made out of. You are looking at a price range of $25-$200. Once again, this all depends on your budget, but this piece of equipment has great value, and your body can definitely benefit from it.

Now let’s move on to our next greatest essential for your home gym.


bandsResistance Bands or Resistance Fitness Tubes– “Total Body Workout”

This is a remarkable piece of equipment to add to your home gym. They have many great benefits, and they also have a low price tag. They are very easy to learn to use, and you can do numerous exercises by using just one piece of equipment. You can work your upper body, lower body and core with a good set of resistance bands. I mean the number of exercises are limitless. Resistance bands can take the place of free weights, because all the muscle groups can be worked. A good set of resistance bands can be the next best thing to free weights. This piece of equipment is definitely necessary to have in your home gym. They provide great value, and are rather cheap, and easy to use.

resistance bands

This piece of equipment is also very important to people who are on the go. Which most people are now days, because they bring flexibility to your exercise schedule. You can put them in your gym bag or suitcase and you can exercise anywhere.

This great piece of equipment is very important to have. I mean the price, ease of use and the flexibility are the top benefits of resistance bands. That can go very well with a lot of people. once again there are many brands out there. I would go with Power Systems, Rogue, Fitness Gear Pro, SKLT and Black Mountain. Those would be my choices. The price range varies depending on the quantity and material. you are looking at a range from $8-$90. They are rather cheap, but provide great value and flexibility, for your body and exercise schedule. It is a valuable investment for your home gym.

So on to the next and final essential. This piece of equipment will finish up your home gym. You will have all the essentials for a full-body workout. You can use it at any time. you don’t have to set-up anything, just start and go. The equipment is very basic, nothing fancy. At the same time very productive and very beneficial to you. So let’s get into the final piece and that piece is the yoga mat!!

Yoga Mat– “Stability and Support”    

A very good yoga mat is definitely a top essential in your home gym. They can be used for all of your mat-based workouts. It is definitely a must have. They are very beneficial for yoga, Pilates, stretching and those awesome ab workouts. They provide great stability and support for those mat-based workouts, Which is very important, it decreases injury and muscle strain. A good yoga mat can provide many uses. There are many types of mats out there. You will have to choose one that fits your needs. The top brands that I would choose from are yoga matManduka, Jade Yoga, Hugger Mugger, and Affirmats. The price range will vary depending on material, design, color, and size. You will be looking at a price range of $10-$120. Once again choose one that fits your needs and your budget.

The Final Word

You know having your own home gym does not require you to have a multitude of workout equipment in your home. Just having the essential basics, is more than enough to get a total-body workout. The equipment I described above is more than adequate to give a great workout. You can definitely tone and strengthen every muscle in your body, with the essentials that I went into. If you want to get more advanced. You could invest in a home gym such as Bowflex, a Powerline Home Gym, or a Golds Gym System, but that’s another topic. My final word is just using the essentials is a great way to get started. Of course, it requires an investment, but the benefit is of great value to your body and health. So get moving and get after it!!

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